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Welcome to Mureddu Holiday Homes

Mureddu Holiday Homes is an imminent vacation rental company currently based in Puglia, Italy.  Founded in 2022, we will be specialising predominantly in luxury living and the vacation state of mind.  A place for you to be immersed in an elevated experience of "Holiday Mode". We aim to expand to globally, providing you with exclusive access to unforgettable hidden gems.

All our properties are exclusive to us, enabling us to provide profound knowledge of our villas, high quality service and insights on the local culture. 


Sit tight! Coming soon with new quintessential destinations!

In the meantime, check out our first couple of Villas located in Puglia as well as the beautiful island of Sardinia.

Italian appetizer Friselle. Italian dried bread Friselle with tomatoes cherry, cheese mozz
Apulian Gastronomic Culture 


Experience the authentic flavours of what Apulia has to offer through the locals by indulging in traditional regional delights. The gastronomic culture consists of wine tasting, cheese making and learning the art of fresh pasta. Don't leave Apulia without trying our local specialities: The Burrata, a plate of Orecchiette pasta and lastly, the Frisella. All your culinary needs met from a wide range of restaurant experiences, cooking classes and more leaving you beyond satisfied and full!

UNESCO World Heritage


World Heritage listed Trulli are pre- historic limestone houses found in the southern region of Apulia. These structures date back to as early as the 14th Century typically featuring pyramidal conical  roofs built  up of limestone slabs. The trulli represent a unique stone building tradition, several thousand years old, found across the Mediterranean region, predominantly in the Itria Valley.

Beautiful town of Alberobello with trulli houses among green plants and flowers, main tour
Leisure & Recreation


Day- dream in Puglia surrounded by outstanding landscapes whilst soaking in the scenery and scents of the seaside, centuries-old olive groves and evergreen forests. Enjoy the outdoors with a vast choice of options from simply relaxing by the pool or opt for a more adventurous approach by going trekking, horseback riding or even surfing/ snorkelling and discover Apulia under the sea. 

Let yourself be pampered by specialised personnel at various wellbeing centres, or re-boost your energies at a spa or thermal baths to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.


Bring your experience in MHH back to your home.

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