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What is Mureddu Holiday Homes?

Our vacation rental company Mureddu Holiday Homes is currently based in Italy. We provide high quality, high standards of service and extensive knowledge on the properties and area. Having a degree and profound background in Hospitality will allows us to be able to meet all your needs as our approach to customer service ensures you can rely on us to cater to anything, allowing for tailor-made booking services guaranteed to make your stay one to remember as we strive to share the kind of authentic travel experiences we enjoy ourselves. 

Mureddu Holiday Home’s mission is to accomodate you with luxury leisure and travel experiences designed to create long lasting ingrained memories for a lifetime. Mureddu Holiday Homes currently offers 4 exquisite options; Trullo Divina and Trullo Monza located in Puglia and Villetta Corallina and Villa Ajò in Sardinia. We will soon be offering you vast options between private Villas, Trulli, Residences and more featuring private pools and a selection of paradisiacal holiday destinations. We expect to expand globally within the next few years.

Our aim is to exceed all your expectations by providing no less than excellence in the management and organisation of our properties. Showcasing uniquely crafted properties whilst offering you all insights and opportunities for the best possible holiday experience. We are ready to make your holiday plans easy, effective and hassle free. That, and the hopes of you coming back for more!

Guaranteed to meet all your requirements when it comes to exclusivity, going the extra mile to cater to your needs, keeping you informed and making the process as simple as a click. We are very proactive and understand that even the little details make a difference, so our disposition is yours. We act with honesty, consideration and passion towards making every experience the ultimate holiday for you. Our site offers a user friendly experience with simple procedures, safe online booking through our system so you can feel assured that we will take care of the rest! 


Our family has always loved to travel. Our family's constant travel during our formative years exposed us to the world of luxury and refined travel experiences. From the bustling streets of vibrant cities to the serene beauty of exotic destinations, we indulged in the finest accommodations and extraordinary adventures. These experiences ignited a deep appreciation for the art of hospitality and the impact it can have on a traveler's journey. We witnessed firsthand how a carefully curated setting could elevate a vacation, transforming it into a treasured memory. As we grew older, we realised that not everyone had access to such opulent experiences. This realisation sparked a desire within us to bridge the gap, to make luxury travel more accessible and inclusive for all. 


Our home vacation rental agency is deeply rooted in a rich heritage that draws inspiration from the essence of our own personal authentic travel experiences. Inspired by our own journeys along the road less traveled, we are driven by a passion to share the beauty and uniqueness of lesser-known destinations with fellow travellers. Each of our carefully curated vacation homes reflects the spirit of exploration and the richness of local culture. We believe in going beyond the ordinary, seeking out hidden gems, and introducing our guests to the true essence of a place. Each property tells a story, embodying the history, traditions, and distinct character of its surroundings. With great care, we handpick these homes, ensuring they provide a gateway to extraordinary adventures and offer a genuine connection to the local community. Our commitment to preserving the type of luxury travel and getaway experience allows us to create unforgettable experiences that resonate with the wanderlust in all of us.


Being able to pursue a hospitality career at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, it allowed me to incorporate and build a foundation for our journey that eventually led to the establishment of our home vacation rental agency. We recognised the transformative power of hospitality, the ability to create exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impact on guests. As I honed our skills in various facets of the industry, from hotels to restaurants, we discovered our true passion lay in crafting personalised and immersive stays for travellers. The desire to provide a more authentic and intimate alternative to traditional accommodations drove us to explore the idea of opening our own vacation rental agency. We understood that by combining our hospitality expertise with our love for travel, we could offer guests a truly remarkable and unique experience. It was the culmination of years of dedication, learning, and a relentless pursuit of excellence that propelled us towards the realisation of our dream.

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